Wednesday, March 31, 2010

It's a piece of cake... for my birthday!

Tomorrow, April 1st, is my birthday. Seriously!
Please spare me the jokes, I've heard them all.

And here's my birthday cake - on a card I made for the Sweet 16 challenge at the Michael Strong Yahoo group.
It's a chocolate cake with whipped cream on top, chocolate decorations and pink candies. Yummy.

I used a textured light brown CS, a pearly textured pink CS, a dark brown CS,
white embossing powder, brown ink, my new Cloisonné Fan and Cloisonné Paisley MSRS,
pink pearls and a central decoration made of brown beads and sequins.

The Cloisonné Fan was stamped and heat embossed 4 times, then halved and glued, slice by slice, with 3D glue to add dimension.
The Cloisonné Paisley was stamped with brown ink and was also glued with 3D glue to add extra dimension.
Now I'm going to bake a delicious chocolate cake for my birthday - a real one :-)

Saturday, March 27, 2010

A little bird told me...

One colourful bird, two different techniques.

First I painted this bird - acrylic on canvas, 30x30 cms
Then I created a Paper Piecing pattern from my own painting, and made the same bird of papers

I wish you all a happy Passover, a holiday of freedom and signs of spring.
Enjoy your family gathering and the delicious food.
Dorly Weitzen

...ציפור קטנה לחשה לי

:ציפור ססגונית אחת בשתי טכניקות שונות

.ראשית, ציירתי את הציפור בצבעים אקריליים על קנווס
.אחר כך יצרתי תרשים לפייפר פיסינג מן הציפור שציירתי ויצרתי אותה מנייר

!אני מאחלת לכולכם חג פסח אביבי ושמח

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

על אמנות ועל נתינה

היום מתקיים יום מעשים טובים הרביעי.

במהלך השבוע אספתי תרומות של עבודות יצירה, שלי ושל חברות אמניות, למכירה בבזאר שיתקיים בבי"ח "שניידר" ע"י עמותת ילדים שלנו לקראת חג הפסח. כל ההכנסות קודש לרווחת הילדים המטופלים בביה"ח.
תודה לכל מי שתרמה, ולמתנדבות שמקדישות מזמנן וממרצן לתמיכה בילדים המטופלים.
עוד אפשרות לעשות מעשה טוב מכל הלב, אם עדיין לא נרשמתם - זה הזמן להצטרף ל אדי
קל ופשוט להצטרף, ואם אתם מהססים - דמיינו לרגע אדם שחייו תלויים בהשתלת איברים.
בני משפחתי הבוגרים הצטרפו לאדי. ואתם?
זכרו: "כל המציל נפש אחת כאילו הציל עולם ומלואו"

מה המעשה הטוב שעשית היום?

A note to my English readers:
This post is about the Good Deeds Day and about signing for Organ Donations (for transplantation) in Israel, therefore it's in Hebrew.
Have a great day :-)

Friday, March 12, 2010

Winter ATC

I made this ATC for a Winter ATC swap in the communa Follow Your Art (a communa for mail art and altered art).
The Israeli winter is quite sunny and not rainy enough.
It is represented by the newspaper's weather forecast, the bright yellow vellum paper at the top and the yellow sun eyelet attaching them to each other.
As a contrast, there's my wish for a "real winter" with snow piling up (in my dreams...)
Now there's a heatwave and it already feels like summer.
I have a few different ATCs to swap. If you're interested, please let me know.

Free as a bird...

I created this composition as I liked the idea of birds - not locked up in cages, but free to fly or rest - which seems more natural.

Paper Piecing on canvas (8x8)
I used acrylic paint, Basic Grey & other paper scraps and Stazon ink.

You can find free paper piecing patterns here

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

And I won...

I participated the Red challenge at the Michael Strong Yahoo group - and I won...
Three cards were selected by Mike, and there's a swell prize for the winners, too :-)
Here's what Michael Strong wrote about my card:
Dorly's entry is one of many using the MSRS Cloisonne Heart. Her composition is distinguished by well utilized embellishments. I like the simple text, corner brads and flower accent which compliments the main elements of the overlapping hearts. Well done Dorly!
Thank you, Mike. You're inspiring me.
You can see my Red card here