Wednesday, March 3, 2010

And I won...

I participated the Red challenge at the Michael Strong Yahoo group - and I won...
Three cards were selected by Mike, and there's a swell prize for the winners, too :-)
Here's what Michael Strong wrote about my card:
Dorly's entry is one of many using the MSRS Cloisonne Heart. Her composition is distinguished by well utilized embellishments. I like the simple text, corner brads and flower accent which compliments the main elements of the overlapping hearts. Well done Dorly!
Thank you, Mike. You're inspiring me.
You can see my Red card here


  1. Congratulation!!!
    This really wonderfull card, and in live much more!

  2. great card, I don't love hearts, but it is a beautiful card.
    what did you get as a prize???

    Dana Gal :-)

  3. Your card was definately a prize-winner Dorly; congratulations .. what a buzz! :)


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