Sunday, April 25, 2010

Add Colour To Your Life

I created this Papier-mache bowl out of recycled newspaper, attached to an octagon porcelain bowl in order to maintain its unique shape.
After it was completely dry I took it off, and then I painted a free asymmetric pattern on it with oil paint, in vivid colours.
This bowl is very useful and it adds colour to any furniture it is placed on.

Friday, April 23, 2010

A Bouquet Of Flowers

I made this card for someone I love. The colours remind me of Christmas, but flowers are always fun to get.

The Pot and the flowers were glued 3D to give the card extra dimension.
I used red CS, pearly green textured CS, Michael Strong's Cloisonné Pot rubber stamp - heat embossed with white embossing powder over chocolate brown CS, brown and white papers die cut in the Cuttlebug, and green paper for the leaves cut freely with scissors. Then I added red silk flowers with tiny square green brads and a few clear blings at the corners. I used a white gel pen for the faux stitches.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Between Water And Water - בין מים למים

(For the English version, please scroll down)

בין מים למים

ציור חדש שלי - צבע אקרילי על קנווס, בגודל 70 על 110 ס"מ
השתמשתי במגוון טכניקות וצבעים בציור רב-שכבתי כדי לייצג את הדימוי שבחרתי
והנה אני חותמת על הציור, ממש טרם מסירתו לבעליו החדשים
הסבר לנושא הציור

בראשית פרק א' פסוק ו

וַיֹּאמֶר אֱ־לֹהִים יְהִי רָקִיעַ בְּתוֹךְ הַמָּיִם וִיהִי מַבְדִּיל בֵּין מַיִם לָמָיִם
האלמוני שמודד ומדווח מדי יום על מפלס הכנרת, ומשפיע על מצב הרוח הלאומי, נבחר להיות אישיות העשור שלי

הטכניקות והצבעים שהשתמשתי בהם מייצגים כמה ניגודים

צמיחה לעומת קמילה, אדמה סדוקה מבצבצת מתחת למים, זרימה שופעת לעומת חדלון
הקו האדום הוא קו החיים

דימוי ויזואלי של הציור שלי ישתתף בתערוכת "אישיות העשור שלי" בגלריית החוצות ברמת השרון
התערוכה תישאר פתוחה לקהל בכל שעות היממה למשך חודשים אחדים
מצורפת הזמנה לפתיחה החגיגית של התערוכה (במוצאי יום העצמאות). אשמח לראותכם

Between Water And Water

I'm introducing a new painting of mine.
Acrylic on canvas, 70x110 cms
I used various techniques in a multi-layered painting.
And you can see me signing the painting, just before giving it away to its new owner.

The theme of the painting:
Genesis Chapter 1 Verse 6

God said, 'There shall be a sky in the middle of the water, and it shall divide between water and water.'

The Kinneret, the Israeli lake and our main water source, is drying gradually, which causes a severe water crisis in Israel.
Unknown to most of us, the person who measures and gives a daily report on the water level (called "the red line") of the Kinneret, affects the national mood. I chose him to be my personality of the decade.

The colours and the techniques used here represent several contrasts:
Growth versus withering, cracked soil sticking out from under the water, abundant flow versus cessation of life. The red line is a line of life.

A visual image of my painting will participate in the exhibition "My personality of the decade" at the outdoor gallery in Ramat Hasharon.
The exhibition will remain open to the public 24/7 for a few months.
There's an invitation (in Hebrew) to the festive opening of the exhibition, on the Isreali Independence Day. I'd be happy to see you!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

And I Love You So...

I made my DH a waterfall card with LOVE spread all over it.
I used textured black CS, textured red CS, Basic Grey Sugar Rush papers,
and heart shaped embellishments: an eyelet, brads, die cuts and glass beads.
You can see the card's front closed, then pulled open, and from its side.
You can find a waterfall card tutorial here

Photo of the day - Amaryllis flowers in my garden
Have a great day!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Sweet card, sweet birthday surprise

I participated the Sweet 16 challenge at the Michael Strong Yahoo group - and I won.
Just on time for my birthday... what a pleasant birthday surprise!
Three cards were selected by Mike, and there's a prize for the winners - one of Mike's stamp sets.
His stamps are so versatile and I'm having fun creating with them.
Here's what Michael Strong wrote about my card:

Dorly Weitzen - Israel
Happy Birthday to Dorly on April 1! Take a look at the birthday cake she made for herself and seven of her nearest and dearest. It looks delicious with the intricate icing and the dollops of chocolate. May I have a piece? Well done Dorly!

Thank you, Mike. You're inspiring me.
You can see my Sweet 16 card here