Monday, August 23, 2010

Feng Shui Fountains & Bowls

These are hand-made bowls, used for Feng Shui fountains or as water containers for the birds visiting the garden.
Each one of them was created separately, without a pattern, just using my hands (with gloves!) and by forming a new shape in a stone-like mixture.
They are decorated with natural seashells (look at the closeup photo), glass nuggets and natural stones in various sizes.
You can put them indoors or outdoors. The rain won't harm them, and not even one drop of water would spill out of them.
The stone mushroom was also made from the same materials. It's been in my garden for years.
Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed. Have a creative day! Dorly


  1. Dorly,I LOVE these!! They are so unique and different.......all so earthy and wonderful! As you know, torquoise/teal is my favorite color, so naturally I love them even more!! What gorgeous works of art!!

  2. דורלי, זה יפהפה, אני כל פעם מופתעת מחדש מכמות הדברים השונים שאת עושה...את ממש רב תחומית. איש הברזל של הסקראפ

  3. שוקולד- גם זה? את מהממת אותי בכל פעם עם הפתעה חדשה! זה מקסים וזה עם נגיעות של כחול אז אני לא יכולה שלא להתלהב!
    WOW !!


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