Thursday, September 16, 2010

Happy New Year Card - Take Four

I made this card for my son, who is a shooting instructor.
The empty rifle bullet (it's a real one!), the white pigeon and the olive tree branch are all symbols of peace.
The white pigeon and the olive tree branch were covered with a thick layer of papier glass finish for a 3D glazing. They were also glued 3D for extra dimension.
The pigeon has a black bling for an eye, and the brown circles are Dew Drops.
The ocher background Canson paper has a pattern similar to a honeycomb. It is a Jewish tradition to eat honey on New Year's eve, hoping the new year will be as sweet as honey.
The edger punches are Martha Stewart's.
The white CS was distressed with Ranger's ink (Vintage Photo).
The bright ocher paper is from a commercial envelope I re-used.
The sentiments say Shana Tova, meaning a happy new year in Hebrew.
I left enough space inside the card to write personal blessings for the new year.
I wish you all a quiet, peaceful year.
Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed. Have a creative day! Dorly


  1. מקסים. שתהיה שנת שלום, סוף סוף
    גמר חתימה טובה

  2. שילוב חמרים וצבעים מצוין ואהוב...
    טוב שהספקת לעשות כרטיסים,אני רק צלצלתי חלקית,שוב...
    להת, סמדר


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