Monday, May 5, 2014

Former Outdoor Exhibition in Ramat HaSharon - September 2013

In my city, Ramat HaSharon, there's a very active art scene.
Many exhibitions are open to the public, giving the artists a stage to show their artwork, and enabling the public to get to know them.
Every year there's an Open Studio event, where chosen artists open their home or studio and let people in, so their work is exposed to the public. It's a celebration of color, texture and inspiration, along with a special way of meeting people, making ART accessible to everybody.
Every few months, a new outdoor exhibition is being opened. It's either showing works of one or two artists, or (usually) it's an eclectic exhibition showing chosen works of several dozen artists from Ramat HaSharon, with a specific subject they need to work on.
Last September, the subject was "10 years to the Open Studio event".
I participated in that exhibition, and my work was dedicated to the subject.
The background of the canvas was layered with pieces of a map of Ramat HaSharon, and I was randomly mixing the neighborhoods and the streets.
The buildings and the private houses both exist in my city. They were cut out of white, kraft and colorful CS, as artists are versatile and colorful people. They were glued 3D for extra dimension. They stand for the artists' homes, which were open for public visits every year.
The Tim Holtz Weathered Clock die, showing the time - 10 o'clock, is a symbol of the 10 years during which the Open Studio event has been taking place.

And on a more personal note… I usually don't share my private life here, but this is a serious matter and can't be ignored.
That former outdoor exhibition was opened on September 27th, 2013.
A week after that, on October 3rd, my beloved husband Mickey passed away. He left a huge void in my heart.
He was the love of my life, he was the wind under my wings, and he definitely was my best friend for more than 26 years. He always supported my creativity (including hoarding stuff!) and he was very proud of me.
I haven't been able to create anything for months afterwards, and only recently I got my MOJO back - I'm thankful for that.
A new outdoor exhibition will be opened tomorrow, on Israel's Independence Day. One of my works will be there. I wish Mickey could be there, too.
I know he would have wanted me to go on with my life, to be creative and to strive for happiness.
After having my first vacation in years, I feel like I've recharged my emotional batteries. I hope I'll find time and peace of mind to get creative again, so you'll be hearing from me soon.

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Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed. Have a creative day! Dorly


  1. AnonymousMay 06, 2014

    So wonderful to see your artwork again! Mickey is watching over you.

  2. Well done Dorly. Sending you healing thoughts and hoping to see more from you soon.

  3. So nice to see your art again, Dorly. I'm sending you every good thought of peace and healing in your time of grief and hoping you'll soon find more creative time.

  4. I am so looking forward to seeing some new art from you. I know that Mickey has your back. He always will. When you are ready he will be there waiting to see what you come up with, as will I. One day at a time, that is all we ever get.


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