Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Through The Window DECO

Here's another new deco I created.
Its theme is Through The Window so let your imagination sweep you away, to whatever inspires you when you look inside or outside through the window.
There are 6 empty pages in the deco and its size is 15x11.5 cms, small enough to be sent in an envelope.
Six artists are going to work in it, one page per each, and I'm sure it will look fabulous when all the pages are done.
I'm going to make a few more new DECOs in different subjects soon, so if you're interested in working in this deco or in any of the other ones, please let me know.

For this DECO's front cover I used:
A recycled photo from an advertisement
A piece of white lace, which looks like a curtain
The text Through The Window, printed
A large Flourish stamp by IO

For this DECO's back cover I used:
A large Flourish stamp by IO
An arrow, freely cut with TH scissors from the advertisement's paper
My personal details (covered with a piece of CS) were printed on the back cover, to make sure everybody knows where the deco should be returned to.
You can read more about Decos here
(You can enlarge each photo by clicking on it)
Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed. Have a creative day! Dorly

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