Thursday, March 24, 2011

Gatefold Card With Inner Money Pocket

Here's the 4th card I made for this week as Card Captain of the enjoyMichaelStrongstamps Yahoo Group.
Today is Technique Thursday, so I'm going to explain how to make this card.
When creating this card I was inspired by an Israeli scrapbooking friend from Eilat. Her name is Tal Solomons (she doesn't have a blog…yet) and the basic card was her idea. I upgraded it by adding the inner money pocket.
You can put a tag in this pocket instead of money. I left enough space inside the card for writing wishes.
This card was minimally decorated, and it's also suitable for men.
It took me more time to write the explanation than to make the card… it's easy and fun to make.
You're welcome to try it. I'd be happy to see what you created.

Cream leather textured CS for the card's basis (A4 size)
Basic Grey patterned paper - Boxer
Red and cream leather textured CS
Michael Strong's Cloisonné Flower stamp (small)
Stazon ink - Black
Clear and red blings
Double sided adhesion tape

I used one A4 sheet of cream leather textured CS to make the card's basis.
I cut it to the size of 28.5x15 cms.
I made creases and folded it into 3 exactly identical panels. The folds should be at 9.5 cms and 19 cms.
I made a diagonal cut on the right panel, starting at 4.3 cms from the top and ending at 4.7 cms from the bottom (be exact, as both panels should match).
I saved the cut-out piece to be used later as the money pocket.
Then, flapping the right panel on the left panel, I used a pencil to draw the exact line for cutting the left panel.
I cut the left panel along the line and checked that both panels flap to a nice closure.
Then I used double sided adhesion tape to attach the inner pocket (left from cutting the right panel, remember?) to the inner side of the left panel.
Here the pocket was made of the same CS as the card's basis, so it seems like an integral part of the card. To make the pocket more visible, use another paper or decorate this CS as shown on the outer panels.

I decorated the card's outer panels using Basic Grey patterned paper (Boxer), which I cut diagonally and a bit smaller than the flapping panels.
I punched regular and scalloped circles in 2 sizes (2 of each) out of red and cream leather textured CS.
I stamped Michael Strong's Cloisonné Flower stamp on red leather textured CS using Stazon black ink, and cut the stamped images with scissors.
I glued the stamped flower on the circle and then on the scalloped circle twice, creating 2 identical motifs.
I attached one motif to the inner money pocket for decoration.
I attached the other motif to the outer side of the card on its right panel. It was glued in the middle of the lower diagonally cut side, only half glued to the panel and half not glued (this will close the card nicely).
Finally, I added clear and red blings for extra glam.

(You can enlarge each photo by clicking on it)
Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed. Have a creative day! Dorly


  1. Great idea for a card!


  2. Wow Dorly this is great card!!

  3. wow Droly,
    I am so proud, what a great card you made.
    nice colors, and a great adition... pocket money...or should i say, pocket for money....

    Maybe you should change the name of the post to "pocket money" ha, ha, ha.....

    Great Work Droly.


  4. This is a great pocket card design! It's so different--I've never seen another one like it. Great job on the color combinations and stamp placements too!


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